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Does Paint Color Really Matter?

Your home plays a big role in how you feel each day. If the house is a mess, you’re going to feel disorganized and maybe a little out of touch. If it’s orderly, you’re going to feel calmer and in control of your day. The colors of your walls also have a big impact on how your day runs. There’s psychology behind colors that show how they impact your mood. If you’re looking for a change, a new coat of paint might do the trick.

Color Temperatures

When you look at colors, you’re going to notice there are some warmer tones and some cooler tones. Warmer colors include those you would imagine in a beautiful sunset. Warm colors offer the illusion of more space, as well as making a large room feel more intimate.

Cooler colors are those you might see on an overcast day. They offer a peaceful calm feeling, while hiding in the background so as to give more depth to a room.

Does paint color really matter?

The Colors Themselves

Interior designers and artists use colors as a way to evoke certain moods and emotions. You can achieve this same change with the colors you choose to have your home painted in. Some examples include:

  • Red – Red has been found to psychologically promote confidence and excitement. It can be a great color for entertainment spaces or rooms with low-light.
  • Blue – Blue is known to promote relaxation. It helps you clear your mind and unwind after a difficult day.
  • White – Interestingly, white doesn’t psychologically promote a certain type of energy. It is known for purity and innocence, but it’s a neutral choice of paint that gives you a blank canvas to really decorate with other colors as you see fit.
  • Yellow – Yellow will give you a boost of energy, offering you the feeling of happiness and joy. It invigorates the people it surrounds with a mental and physical energy unlike any other color.

Getting Started

When you need a change, a new splash of paint might just do the trick. Contact Color World Painting by calling (888) 324-0313 or requesting an estimate today!