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This Winter is the Perfect Time for Interior House Painting

As the temperatures drop, we begin to spend increasingly more time indoors. Do you want to spend this time staring at dull, washed-out walls? Winter is the perfect time to brighten up your home’s interior with fresh paint on the walls.

The Paint Dries Faster During Winter

Though you might think the cold winter weather will prolong the time it takes for your paint to dry, it actually speeds up the process. Warm summers are typically humid as well, which hinders the drying process. Cold, crisp winter weather, on the other hand, is just the thing you need for your paint to dry quickly. By cracking a few windows, you can use this advantage for an interior paint job.

You Open Up Your Summer Schedule

Many homeowners try to cram as many home improvements projects as they can into the summer months. While we can understand why, it makes for a chaotic summer. By taking just one project -your interior painting job- and having it done this winter, your summer is opened up for another home improvement project or some relaxing fun on a needed vacation.

Utilize the Unique Holiday Season Circumstances

The winter season is full of holiday celebrations. This usually means a house full of family and friends or multiple trips out of town, making any home improvement project hard to schedule. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the holidays may look a little different this year; families gathering in smaller groups, no traveling, no hosting out-of-town guests, etc. While we are all adjusting to these unique circumstances for the holiday season, take a step back and find the positives. Working an interior paint job into your schedule might be a little easier this winter. 

Contact Our Painters

At Color World Painting, we want to tackle your interior house painting project this winter. Take full advantage of the benefits winter painting has to offer by calling (888) 324-0313 or requesting an estimate today!