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Professional Fence Painting Services

A Freshly Painted Fence Can Improve the Overall Aesthetic Appeal of Your Home

If you own a fence, you know it is one of the first features visitors notice when arriving at your property. At Color World Painting, we are committed to ensuring you leave the right impression. Our fence painting services will revitalize your property’s aesthetic appeal and real estate value.

Over time, a fence will endure harsh weather events and natural deterioration. If you want to give your tattered fence new life, you’ve come to the right place. We can apply a fresh coat of paint to prevent future damage and revive blemished sections.

There are numerous reasons to paint a fence beyond boosting curb appeal. Painting a fence can save homeowners money on costly repairs and replacement services, preserve the wood with a layer of protection, and create a coating that makes cleaning fast and easy.

Let our quality painting specialists give your fence a makeover and an added layer of protection from the wind, sun, and rain today!

We Begin Each Project with Professional Preparation

Painting a fence is not as simple as slathering paint on wood. To ensure long-lasting and quality results, fence painting requires a strict protocol. Fortunately, our technicians follow a time-tested regimen. Our meticulous and detailed process guarantees a durable, high-grade finish – every time.

Our painting preparation protocol includes:

  • Removing dirt, debris, and cobwebs
  • Power washing to eliminate mold, mildew, and grime
  • Scraping/sanding off old, flakey, and peeling paint
  • Hammering loose nails to ensure a flat, smooth surface
  • Placing drop cloths and tape to avoid sullying items in the nearby vicinity

Before painting, it is essential to determine the right color for your property. An eye-appealing fence can tie the entire exterior of a property together.

Our design can help brainstorm colors by:

  • Assessing the surrounding vegetation, architecture, and structures in your yard
  • Complying with HOA regulations
  • Performing an isolated swatch test on a section of your fence
  • Checking how the swatch test looks at different hours
  • Considering the qualities and benefits of various colors

We Offer a Full Spectrum of Colors

Paint is extremely versatile when it comes to color selection. As a result, our design team will work closely with you to pinpoint the tone, shade, and color that best matches and complements your style and aesthetic.

Different colors offer varying moods and effects:

  • Lemony yellow can make your property appear sunny and cheerful
  • Dark red can imbue your home with a dramatic air
  • An earthy green can create a calming and tranquil aura
  • A neutral white can blend and contrast with almost any color scheme
  • A flat or matte black can provide an elegant and timeless touch
  • Dark colors, like brown and grey, are easy to maintain and clean

Whichever color you select for your fencing, Color World Painting has the equipment and professional finesse to ensure it stands out from its surroundings!

The Primary Advantages of Painting a Fence

Paint Requires Little Upkeep

Unlike staining and sealing, painting a fence does not require frequent refinishing. You won’t need to worry about applying more coats for several years. This is because paint acts as a protective layer over the wood, shielding it from the elements and reducing wear and tear. This durability can save you both time and money in the long run.

Paint Covers Damaged or Rotting Wood

Painting a fence can help restore its appearance by covering up minor damage and discoloration. This can prove to be a lifesaver for wooden fencing that has begun to rot or weather due to age or exposure to elements like sun or rain. Paint also protects premature wood rot and decay by forming a barrier between it and environmental factors, such as sunlight or moisture. If your old wooden fence looks worn down but still has potential, consider a new coat of paint today!

Our Fence Painting Specialists Are Ready to Help!

Are you ready to paint your fence? Contact the esteemed professionals at Color World Painting today! We have the experience, knowledge, and resources to optimize your investment. Our company has refined and perfected our techniques over the past 20+ years. We put in the extra effort to ensure customer satisfaction and deliver unrivaled craftsmanship on every assignment.

Are you looking for fence painting services from qualified contractors? Call (888) 324-0313 today!

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