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How To Pick the Right Colors to Refresh Your Home for 2021

As our holiday lighting season comes to a close, we are ready and eager to help with your next home improvement project. A freshly painted interior might be just what you need to start the new year off right. You can transform a drab interior to something inspiring and stylish with just a simple change of color. However, choosing the right color is never easy. With no shortage of colors and shades to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you?

Consider Home Style

Your home likely already has a prevailing style. If you dislike the style and plan to do more renovations, what look are you going for? For instance, if you prefer a more contemporary look, you may choose lighter colors, such as dove white, light teal, or silver gray.

Consider the Wood

If you plan to keep the furniture, floors, and wooden cabinetry in your home, consider their colors and shades. Find something that complements them well. The colors should do more than just look good together, they should create the perfect ambiance. If you already have dark furniture, floors, or cabinetry, try to avoid choosing a dark wall color.

Choose a Feeling

What kind of feeling do you want to inspire when you walk into that specific room? Some colors have been known to create specific responses in the human psyche. For instance, people tend to feel energized by bright colors, like yellow. Meanwhile, blues tend to soothe the soul.

Note the Room Size

When choosing paint colors for smaller spaces, go light. The darker the room, the smaller it will feel, so you don’t want to make it worse by choosing dark walls. You should also reconsider busy designs that may add to a feeling of clutter in the space.

Choosing the right color for any room may take some trial and error, but this is an exciting experience that you should embrace. Once you decide on an interior painting project, our team of professionals at Color World Painting can help you choose the best color and bring your vision to life. If you are looking to transform the interior of your home with some new paint, call (888) 324-0313 or request an estimate today!