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Start Your Paint Job Today With These 5 Tips

To paint your room, furniture, or other areas in your home, is a great way to add a fresh new look. Before you start your project, here are five tips to follow.

Plan for Your Square Footage

In order to draft an accurate budget, you have to know the scope of your paint project. When you don’t know your square footage, you run the risk of running out of paint in the middle of the project. For every 400 square feet, you should have about one gallon of paint.

Prep Your Surface

Before you begin the job, prepare the surfaces for paint. You can prepare the surface through sanding any areas that have cracks, flakes, or that are peeling. If there are grease stains, make sure to wipe your walls down with soap and water.

Stay Patient

A proper paint job takes time. Don’t rush the job! When you rush, you are more likely to make mistakes and the paint may not last for long. Instead, you may have to repaint soon.

Follow the Process

Once you begin painting, make sure that you plan for the drying time. The rooms may need at least 24 hours before you can bring the furniture and other items back into the room. Also, make sure that you know the weather in advance. The humidity can impact the paint’s drying process. It’s better to paint when the air is dry.

In addition to preparing for the weather, you need to maintain a wet edge. This means that each stroke overlaps the other. The reason for this is so that you don’t paint over the areas that you already painted.

Remove the Tape

Once you finish the job, you need to take off the tape. Make sure that you do not remove the tape too early. Then, when you do remove the tape, you should use a utility knife to cut through it.

Residential paint jobs can be seamless when you know the steps. To find out more about a new paint job, contact Color World Painting by calling (888) 324-0313 or requesting an estimate online today!