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4 Ways You Can Extend the Life of Your Paint Job with Power Washing

Power washing the exterior of your building is an important step in extending the life of your paint job. You should always power wash a surface before you start to paint, and periodically after it is already painted for the best results. Whether you are painting the outside of a building, a deck, fence, or other exterior surface, here are four ways that power washing will help your paint job last as long as possible.

1. Power Washing Removes Mold, Dirt, and Pollen

No one wants the outside of their building to be dirty and moldy, and painting over a surface won’t get rid of any of the dirt. In fact, painting over dirt will negatively affect the appearance of your paint job. In addition, not cleaning the surface before painting will cut the life of your paint job in half.

2. Power Washing Removes Old Paint

The last thing you want when painting is to mix fresh, new paint with old, flaking paint. Power washing the area first will cause areas with dry, chalking, or bubbling paint to flake off in chips. Just make sure that too much pressure isn’t applied to avoid causing damage.

3. Power Washing Makes Stained Decks and Fences Look Better

Power washing wood before starting the staining process gives the wood the best appearance possible and allows the stain to adhere better. You should power wash your deck or fence to brighten wood and remove mildew any time you refinish your deck.

4. Power Washing Rejuvenates a Painted Surface

If your current paint job is looking dingy, sometimes all it needs is a good power washing to remove any built-up dirt and mildew. Doing this periodically also helps your paint job last even longer.

Any time a professional cleaning company paints your property, they should always power wash first. For a great paint job that will last for years, request an estimate online or give us a call at (888) 324-0313 today.