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Why You Should Schedule a Color Consultation

Tell us if this has ever happened to you before. You decide to take the plunge and repaint the room in your home you’ve long wanted to redo. You have a vision in your head, and you imagine exactly how your chosen shade will look in your space. You know exactly how it will look in the walls, and how the color will complement the furniture and accessories in your home.

With eagerness, you rush to your nearest home improvement store and purchase several cans of the color of your dreams. But when you get home and start putting your chosen paint shade on the walls, that color of your dreams, in reality, becomes the color of your nightmares. The color is nothing like you had in mind, and you find yourself having to start all over again. A problem like this can be an expensive and aggravating one to resolve.

Scenarios like this are the exact reason why having a free color consultation before you begin your interior paint project is highly encouraged. Need further convincing? Here are a few reasons why scheduling a color consultation is always the best first step when painting your room.

It Will Save You Time and Money

With today’s hectic schedules and chaotic demands on a personal and professional level taking a lot of your focus, it’s a minor miracle that you even have the time to paint a room of your home! Give yourself the gift of additional time by hiring a color consultant. A quick conversation with them will guide you in the right direction, whereas making this decision alone can often be stressful and overwhelming. And the less time you take to complete the project, the more your budget will be met.

It Incorporates the Latest Design Trends

A color consultant always has their pulse on what colors are in, and which colors are out. While they can provide guidance as to what paint colors today’s designers are paying special attention to, they can also give you a balance to make sure those “now” colors are also timeless and chic. After all, if you painted your home every time a color came in style, you’d be painting your home constantly! A color consultant can help you find the perfect balance between trendy and something you’ll love forever.

It Invites an Unbiased Point of View

Sometimes, you have your heart so set on one vision, it can be difficult to see another point of view. Although no one likes to be told that their ideas for their home are not ideal, sometimes, having a third party weigh in and give their unbiased perspective will ensure that your home looks its best.

When it comes to choosing colors for your home, your friendly and expert team at Color World Paintingputs your satisfaction first. That’s why we invite customers who have already chosen their paint color to get two free quarts of paint at their local Sherwin Williams store. If you need help determining what paint color is best for your space, a Sherwin Williams representative will visit your home before a Color Consultant arms you with everything you need to make the right decision. To learn more about Color World PaintingColor Consulting services, call us at (888) 324-0313.