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Meet Our Team

  • Headshot of Raj Singh

    Raj Singh

    Franchise Owner

    Raj Singh is the dedicated and passionate owner of the Color World Painting franchise of North Suffolk County, New York. His journey into the world of entrepreneurship was driven by the solid and appealing business model that Color World Painting offers, providing a structured path to success.

    Raj holds a formal background in Mechanical Engineering, complemented by extensive experience in the construction industry. This unique combination of skills and knowledge equips him with a keen understanding of both the technical and practical aspects of his franchise, ensuring high-quality service delivery and customer satisfaction.

    Beyond his professional endeavors, Raj is an avid sports enthusiast. He enjoys playing tennis and basketball, finding both activities to be great for maintaining physical fitness and mental clarity. Additionally, he has a passion for cooking, which allows him to express his creativity and unwind.

    Having lived in New York his entire life, Raj has a deep connection to his community, which further motivates him to succeed in his business venture. Moreover, his franchise is a family-run enterprise, emphasizing the importance of family values and teamwork in his approach to business.

    With his solid background, diverse interests, and strong community ties, Raj Singh is poised to lead his Color World Painting franchise to new heights, offering exceptional service and contributing positively to his community.

  • Headshot of Ritik Singh

    Ritik Singh

    Sales Representative

    Ritik Singh, a dedicated Sales Representative at Color World Painting of North Suffolk County, brings a unique blend of technical and creative expertise to his role. Born and raised on Long Island, Ritik's background in chemical engineering provides a strong foundation for his work, allowing him to approach projects with a keen analytical mind and a meticulous attention to detail.

    Ritik's experience extends beyond engineering into the realms of construction and interior design. This diverse skill set enables him to understand and meet clients' needs effectively, ensuring that each project not only meets but exceeds expectations. His holistic approach to design and construction is informed by a deep understanding of materials, processes, and aesthetic principles.

    Outside of his professional pursuits, Ritik is an avid sports enthusiast and artist. He enjoys playing basketball and volleyball, activities that reflect his energetic and collaborative nature. An accomplished artist since high school, where he was recognized as an All-County artist, Ritik continues to explore his passion for painting and arts and crafts, bringing a creative touch to everything he does.

    Ritik's love for exploration and adventure is evident in his frequent hikes and travels. He is always eager to discover new places and experiences, drawing inspiration from the natural world and the diverse cultures he encounters.

    Ritik Singh's combination of technical prowess, creative vision, and passion for exploration makes him a valuable asset to Color World Painting and a dynamic presence in his community. His commitment to excellence and continuous learning defines both his professional and personal endeavors.