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And The Winner Is….

We followed up with the winner of our first ever national Color World Painting giveaway to see how things turned out! Mrs. Lori Morris, of southwestern Ohio, was the lucky winner of a free repainting of her first interior floor and front porch. The prize has not only revitalized the aesthetics of Mrs. Morris’ abode, but has also added some renewed vibrancy into the neighborhood.

The painting encompassed all the main areas of the first floor including the living room, laundry, kitchen, hallway, bathroom, walls, ceilings, baseboards, doors, and porch ceilings. The transformation used a great palette of colors: the primary interior color, SW9144 Moonmist, chosen for its subtle elegance, envelops the living spaces with a soothing ambiance. Complemented by the rich tones of Sherwin Williams Cashmere paint for the walls, the result is a harmonious fusion of warmth and sophistication.

The front porch ceiling of the house was also treated to a makeover. The front porch ceiling now boasts a pristine allure. The choice of Standard white for the porch ceiling, framing, and columns serves to accentuate the architectural features while exuding timeless appeal.

For Mrs. Morris, the experience of witnessing her humble abode undergo the refresh was exciting. Indeed, beyond the aesthetic enhancements, the repainting project has had a ripple effect within the community, prompting some neighbors to consider embarking on their own home improvement endeavors. The project serves as a testament to the transformative power of color, fresh paint, and the profound impact they can have on the ambiance of a space. Thanks for participating in our first ever national giveaway contest, Lori!