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How Can I Make the Exterior of My Home Look Bigger?

Looking to up your curb appeal but feeling constricted with the space? Not to worry, there are plenty of tricks you can pull from your sleeve to make a smaller home exterior look larger. Yes, there are some painting tips involved of course, but there are other home improvement techniques you can use, too!

Light It Up

One of the easiest ways to add some oomph to the outside of your home is to incorporate additional lighting. Not only will additional lighting make your home look more welcoming, it will bring you an added sense of security, too! As far as placement goes, the most common place to put lighting is on either side of your front door and on each side of your garage doors, and you can also put some on the sides of windows or near sidewalks.

To make sure the lighting blends in with your house during the day, your exterior lighting should be located high on the exterior walls or attached to the roofline of your house. The saying “the flashier the better” generally won’t ring true in the case of your exterior lighting - subtlety will be the better way to go. In terms of the different lighting types to choose from, flood lights are probably the best option given the brightness level and coverage area they provide.

Incorporate Add-Ons

Adding a few additional features to the outside of your home will also help give the appearance of it looking larger. One way to do this is by adding a deck or porch on the side area of your house along with a good amount of seating. A nice table and chairs can give you the option to dine alfresco, or a beautiful porch swing or bench can provide a nice lounge area to enjoy the fresh air.

Another add-on feature to think about is installing additional windows to give the impression of having more space inside of your home. Lastly, adding a tall fence or hedge along the borderline of your home or property could work as well.

Change the Color

Consider changing the color palette of the exterior of your home to a lighter tone, like white or gray, to give it an open and spacious look and feel. This will especially be helpful for sharp-cornered or square-shaped houses to soften up the edges and make them look more full.

Adding lighter colors on top of a darker base color can also do the trick. Because darker paint colors can often give your home an appearance of being closed off, a lighter color addition can help it feel more welcoming, too. Using a brighter color of exterior house paint for the front door will help make it pop against the light background. If you are looking for professional help with color selection or type of paint involving an exterior paint job, reach out to a Color World location nearest you.

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