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Know When To Replace Your Gutters

As the rainy season continues, make sure you pay close attention to your gutters. Your gutters work hard in every season to protect your home from excess water. At Color World Painting, we want to remind you that if you notice wear and tear, it may be time to replace these home essentials.

Check the Gutters

Springtime is a perfect time to inspect your gutters closely. Do you see cracks? This is one sign that gutters are no longer effective. Even small cracks may allow water to drip onto other surfaces and cause damage.

The seams in your gutters may also be a source of problems. Over time, these seams can separate, allowing water to flow down to the ground instead of into the next section of the gutter.

Watch for Secondary Problems

At Color World, we know that gutter problems may not always be obvious. This is why our experts look at other problems that could be related to a gutter issue. For example, cracks in the gutters may cause wood rot if water seeps into the trim around your windows. If you suspect that your gutters have cracks but do not see any, you may want to examine your door jambs and window sills.

Peeling paint may also indicate that your gutters are no longer doing their job. Excess moisture can cause the paint to peel or bubble. Additionally, you should inspect your gutters if you notice mildew in an area of your home that is usually free of moisture. As water seeps through the gutters, it may accumulate near your home's foundation.

Sometimes, it may be difficult to tell if you need to repair or replace your gutters. Our experts at Color World Painting can help you evaluate your situation. If you think it might be time for new gutters, give us a call at (888) 324-0313 or request an estimate online today!