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Set Painting Priorities to Maximize Success and Minimize Mess

Some of us like to repaint frequently to freshen rooms or experiment with new colors. Most people, however, get serious about painting their interiors when special circumstances arise:

  • Moving into new living quarters
  • Putting a house up for sale
  • Purchasing new carpeting or furniture
  • Preparing for a wedding or graduation
  • Planning for holiday entertaining

Each reason may require different priorities when deciding which room to paint first.

Consider First Impressions

If you're listing your house or entertaining first-time guests for an important occasion, you'll want to begin by painting interior areas visitors notice upon entering. Your foyer or entrance hall, along with visible rooms, creates an instantaneous effect that stays with newcomers throughout the home.

Contemplate Length and Formality of Occasions

If projected events extend over several days, such as a wedding rehearsal, reception, and gift opening, paint guest rooms and bathrooms early in the project. Personal comfort and repeated use make these areas a priority.

Formal events, including christenings and special anniversaries, usually require more painting attention than informal family gatherings.

Think About Downtime and Inconvenience

Keep in mind the disruption and inconvenience painting projects cause. In addition to inevitable odors, you need to move or cover furniture, protect carpets, and keep the room off-limits through painting and drying times.

A great way to whisk through a whole-house painting is to let our experts at Color World Housepainting quickly finish the project for you. We have the knowledge, equipment, and technicians to renew every room of your house with minimal inconvenience. Call (614) 698-1125 or request an estimate online.