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Painting Your Rental Property: How to Tell When It's Time to Paint

Painting Your Rental Property: How to Tell When It's Time to Paint

Property managers have many non-negotiable responsibilities, but how do you tell when it's time to paint your rental property? It's essential to keep your property looking fresh and up to date without spending a ton each time the lease turns over. Follow these tips to determine the proper painting schedule for you.

Review The Property

After each lease ends, take a look at the walls of your property during the move-out inspection. With the unit empty, you will get a better idea of any damage and evaluate if rooms need paint. Additionally, be sure to compare the condition of the walls and paint to their condition at the time of move-in. If there is excessive damage or chips, make sure to quote the tenants accordingly and withhold the amount from their security deposit.

Clean The Property Before Deciding

Scuffs, smudges, dirt, and oils can build up over time and make walls look much older than they are. A good wash with mild soap and water can refresh walls quickly. For stubborn scuffs or stains, try a Magic Eraser. Focus on high traffic areas such as door frames, window sills, and around light switches. You'd be surprised at how refreshed the paint looks after it's clean!

Do You Need to Stand Out?

If your rental property is in a hard-to-rent area due to economic struggles, or you are just having a hard time attracting quality tenants, a fresh coat of paint may be what you need to make your property stand out. It may seem like a minimal change, but new paint can completely transform a space. It's a low-cost, low-risk way to attract tenants.

Are You Trying to Convince Tenants to Stay?

If you have a resident in place that you are happy with, consider offering a new paint job as an incentive to renew their lease. After a few years, walls can begin to look dull and lifeless, and a new coat of paint will not only brighten the space and keep it looking fresh, but it will keep the tenant happy. When tenants have pride in their space and feel like it is their home, they will take better care of it, a win-win!

So, you have decided it is time to paint your rental property. Now the question is, is paying for a professional worth it? The short answer, yes. Unless you are an experienced painter, it is best to hire a professional paint service to care for your rental property. Painting the interior of a home is much more than a few strokes of a paintbrush. For an experienced paint crew that can accomplish the task you are looking for with a quick turnaround, call Color World Paintingat (888) 324-0313 for a free estimate or request one online.