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Get Ready for the Holidays with a Fresh Coat of Paint

Some people wait until spring cleaning to give their homes a facelift. Others may want their homes looking their best for the winter season when holiday lights accentuate every feature, inside and out. However, holiday lights can also accentuate every flaw. Follow these steps for a flawless, fresh paint job on your home.

Come Up with a Color Scheme

Start by looking at paint samples to see which colors complement each other best. If you’re painting indoors and your home features an open floor plan, consider using colors to split up the space into designated areas. Be sure to pick a color scheme that will outlast the holidays.

Get Creative with Accents

If you’re on a tight budget, then painting specific areas of the home or a room may be more cost-effective for you. For instance, you may paint an accent wall in the bedroom, repaint the front entrance, the back porch, or the window shutters. Remember to ensure the accent color blends well with the rest of the décor.

Make a Wish List

You may not get the chance to do it all in time for the holidays, but there’s a whole new year in front of you to tackle the list. Making a wish list can help you prioritize what tasks you need done now and what can wait until the new year. Start with the most visible areas on the exterior or inside your home, as well as the areas that show the most wear and tear.

Hire Professionals

Painting can be a fun DIY project to take on, but tackling this alongside other holiday plans can be disastrous. By working with a contractor, you also ensure the job meets your exact specifications. Note that painting in the rainy and colder seasons is tricky, so the warranty that comes with professional paint jobs may give you additional peace of mind.

Are you ready to create a brand-new look for this holiday season? Contact Color World Painting by calling (888) 324-0313 or requesting an estimate online today.