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3 Signs It’s Time to Repaint Your House

Cold weather can be harsh for the exterior of homes. The heavy snow followed by the freezing and thawing process can cause damage to the exterior paint. This makes warm months a great time to inspect your home and see if it’s due for a paint job. Here are three of the top signs you should look out for.

1. Peeling Paint

The number one sign most homeowners will recognize is peeling paint. Failure to fix paint when it first begins to peel could cause the wood beneath to become more exposed over time. Rain, mold, mildew, and the resulting wood rot could then lead to structural damage that is far more expensive to fix than just repainting.

2. Chalky Residue

Before paint begins to peel, there are some warning signs. Chief among them is the chalky residue it may leave when you rest your hand against it. Be sure this is the paint though, because dusty roads, nearby construction, or even mold can lead to chalk-like residue on the exterior of your home.

3. Outdated or Inappropriate Colors

There are some house colors that are here to stay. Neutrals can remain in style for a lifetime. However, over time, you may outgrow pink heart designs on the side of the garage or the bright lavender shutters and doors. You may have also bought a home with colors more reminiscent of a 1960s vibe. Whatever the reason, repainting can help make your house truly feel like home again.

Repainting your home is one of the best things you can do to make it look and feel brand new, especially if you plan to sell in the near future. To get your paint job touched up or redone, request an estimate online or give us a call at (614) 698-1125 today.