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The Perks of Professional Holiday Lighting Installation

When thinking of holiday lighting, most people probably picture a snow-covered house decked out in green and red. But who says holiday lighting should be limited to the month of December? Halloween and Thanksgiving are two of the most popular holidays in the United States, so why not show them some love as well?!? And if you’re thinking “sounds nice, but it’s way too much hassle,” continue reading to learn about the stress-free and maintenance-free option available to you.

No Maintenance

At Color World Painting, we offer full-service holiday lighting and decorating for residential properties that is sure to impress family, friends, and neighbors. We supply all cords and timers needed for all lighting, so there is absolutely no maintenance on your end. All you have to do is enjoy the awe-inspiring decor.

Cord light used for holiday lighting

Stress & Hassle-Free

Everyone knows that house that keeps their holiday decorations up long after the season is over, if not all year round. That wouldn’t happen if they used Color World Painting! We install all the lights and decorations at the beginning of the season, then take it all down and store them. We can even change your decorations from season to season, keeping you festive all year long.

Decorating for Fall Holidays

Over the years, Halloween decor has increased in popularity and is second only to Christmas. And since Halloween is just for fun, most people find decorating very enjoyable. In fact, Americans are expected to spend an estimated $9 billion this year on Halloween alone!

Halloween was once a one-night affair. Today, Halloween has evolved into an entire season, lasting the whole month of October. Halloween is a big, big decorating event, both indoors and outdoors. It can be integrated with the Autumn season, with decor that is simple, elaborate, or anywhere in between. In some neighborhoods, there is stiff competition, to see whose front yard has the best and creepiest Halloween display. Will it be yours? It can be, with Color World Painting!

For outdoor Halloween decorating, we suggest beginning with a Fall theme, then evolving it towards the scary, and eerie Halloween side as the big day draws near. Once Halloween night is over, revert the display back to the Fall theme, keeping the display up all the way to Thanksgiving.

Impress your neighbors with a home that shows off your holiday spirit, year-round! With Color World Painting, there is no longer an excuse to let another holiday pass by without decorating your home with a festive and cheerful display. We guarantee complete customer satisfaction and offer discounts for repeat customers. For any season, for any location, for any occasion, call us today at (888) 324-0313 or request an estimate online.

Halloween lawn decoration of gravestone with a skull