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Revitalize Your Living Room with Paint: 3 Handy Tips

Revamping and making your space shine is as easy as picking a fresh wall color. Especially if the current paint job is suffering noticeable wear, appears dated or just flat out doesn’t fit the look and feel of the space, you’ll be amazed at the transformative powers of a new wall color scheme. Here are three things to consider before committing to a new hue.

1. Think Natural When Choosing Colors

When perusing color options, keep in mind that rooms that follow nature’s color sequences tend to be the most inviting spaces. Indoor living areas should have their darkest color represented in the flooring, like the ground outside; with the ceiling holding the room’s lightest shade, like the sky. The walls should be coated a medium hue somewhere in between to represent the background.

2. Try Before You Buy

Although you may fall in love with a color upon first sight, your opinion on the shade may change dramatically once it’s on your own walls. The lighting in the area plays a huge role in determining how paint appears from one space to the next. Try a sample in your room before committing to ensure the reality lives up to your vision.

3. Choosing the Perfect Finish

Outside of choosing the best color for breathing life into your room, picking the paint finish is the most important color-related decision you’ll make. Also known as the sheen, paint finishes vary in appearance and durability.

High gloss is the most durable and easily cleaned. The downside is that its high sheen can oftentimes highlight imperfections to the painted surface. Flat paint conceals minor imperfections, however, it tends to be more easily damaged. With a light sheen, eggshell finish falls in the middle and is popular because it holds up to damage and wear a bit better than flat ones.

Working with professionals who have the experience and proper tools makes easy work of revitalizing your living room with fresh paint. Color World House Painting will help you choose the best shade to make your space feel new again. Contact us today by calling us at (888) 324-0313 or requesting a free estimate online for your next project.