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Tips for Picking Out Paint for Your New Home

There are so many decisions you have to make as a new homeowner, such as, should you install hardwood floors or carpet? What kind of countertops do you want for the kitchen? Should you install recessed lighting, pendant lighting or a chandelier in the living room? What about a ceiling fan?

And of course - what color should you paint everything, and what type of paint should you use? As expert house painters, the Color World team has put together these tips for picking out paint for your new home in honor of National Homeownership Month.

Choosing the Paint Color for Your New Home

Whether you are painting the interior or exterior of your home, not only should you keep in mind how you want everything to look but also how you want to feel entering into each space. Brighter tones of color make a space feel energized and saturated colors make bold statements. Soft tones of color give off feelings of relaxation and lighter colors serve as a great background for any décor you want to feature.

If you are wanting to play it safe and avoid any kind of color regret, it’s always wise to choose neutral colors and they tend to coordinate well with most décor styles. A neutral color palette can give an airy and fresh, inviting feel to a space, and it can serve as the perfect canvas for adding in all of your furniture and other accessories.

Choosing the Type of Paint for Your New Home

As for selecting the right type of paint to use, there are a few questions to consider, such as, how reflective do you want the room to be, and how much coverage do you need? When selecting a sheen and coverage of paint, think about how much foot traffic will be going in and out of each room.

For high-traffic areas, like kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms, it’s a good idea to choose a paint with a satin finish. For lower-traffic areas with a minimal amount of touch on the walls, such as a living room, dining room, or hallway, selecting a paint with a flat and matte finish is the better way to go. And for very high-touch areas, such as any trim or cabinets, doors, windows, and bathrooms, using a paint with a semi-gloss finish is the most ideal.

When selecting the amount of coverage for the paint, picking paint with a primer gives it the best coverage with fewer coats. If you are painting over a darker color of walls at all, having a high hiding capability will cover darker walls faster. And if you have any young children or are generally cleaning-conscious, think about the durability of the paint so that it lasts longer and is easier to clean.

How Much Paint Should You Buy for Your New Home

Finally, you’ll need to determine how much paint you need for your home. Are you painting all the rooms, or only the more visible areas or the rooms in need of new paint?

Keep in mind that one gallon of paint covers up to 400 square feet. You can determine the square footage of each room by measuring the height and length of each wall, multiplying them, and then adding each number together to get the total square footage you’ll need to cover with paint.

We hope these tips are helpful for you, and if you need a professional painting company to help with any interior or exterior house painting needs, you can use our location finder to contact a Color World nearest you.