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Three Ways You Can Avoid Injuries While Hanging Your Christmas Lights This Year

There’s no better way to spread your Christmas spirit than to hang stunning Christmas lights for everyone to see. But, an injury will quickly dampen your holiday cheer and could even leave you with some costly and potentially life-changing consequences. While hiring a professional to hang your lights up would help you avoid getting hurt altogether, here are some tips on how to keep yourself safe if you choose to hang your lights up yourself.

1. Make Sure Your Ladder Is Set Up Correctly

The most common cause of injury when hanging Christmas lights is falling. To avoid a serious injury, you will need to make sure that your ladder is fit to use and set up properly. Ensure that nothing on the ladder is broken and that none of the rungs are wet or slippery. Position the ladder on solid ground so that it is sturdy and place it at an appropriate distance away from the wall.

2. Always Check Your Lights Before You Use Them

Before you start hanging up any lights, make sure that none of the cords are damaged or frayed to avoid electrocution or fire. Also, make sure to follow instructions on the lights for maintenance and safety. The package should indicate the lighted length and number of strands to connect. You also need to look for lights that are UL approved and designed for outdoor use.

3. Don’t Hang Lights on Your Own

Even if you think that you’re a seasoned pro at hanging Christmas lights, always make sure to have a friend or family member close by in case something goes wrong. They should help hold your ladder in place or hand you tools to prevent any slips or falls.

If you’d rather leave the decorating in the hands of the professionals, contact Color World Painting today at (888) 324-0313 to do all the work for you so you can enjoy your holiday season stress and injury-free. You can also request an estimate online here.