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Paver Sealing in Sarasota & Bradenton

Protect Your Pavers with Top-of-the-Line Sealant

Pavers add both functionality and beauty to any outdoor area. They can be used for many reasons, including:

  • To make a pathway across your yard or lawn
  • To create patio designs
  • To improve access to gardens
  • To connect your driveway to your front door or porch

Like any outdoor hardscaping, pavers are susceptible to natural wear and tear. The natural elements will inevitably cause them to become weathered and dirty. One way to keep your pavers protected is to seal them professionally.

At Color World Painting of Sarasota & Bradenton, we seal pavers by applying a protective chemical coating across the surface. Sealing your pavers will provide many upsides.

In addition to protecting the appearance and prolonging the lifespan of your pavers, a sealant will:

  • Reduce wear and tear
  • Make cleaning more effective, efficient, and less harmful
  • Minimize mold and grout haze
  • Protect from harsh UV rays
  • Shield from spills, stains, marks, and efflorescence

Why Pavers Should Never Be Exposed Directly to the Elements

Pavers are composed of porous materials like concrete. This means there are small cracks and crevices through which liquid or air can pass. These tiny interstices present a formidable risk to your pavers’ durability and aesthetic appearance, given they are vulnerable to absorbing contaminants and pollutants (oil, grease, dirt, etc.). Fortunately, a sealant will protect and deter these substances at the surface.

Paver sealing can also prevent infestations from insects, ants, and other pests. Another common issue is efflorescence. Efflorescence involves the unwanted formation of salt deposits on the surface of porous materials. Salt can coat pavers when rainwater rises through the porous fissures in the concrete. Once the water evaporates, the mineral residue remains – creating an unpleasant film and an unsightly appearance.

Why Sealing Your Pavers Is a Wise Decision

While it is not necessary to seal your pavers, neglecting to do can lead to problems down the road. Sealing pavers is the best way to protect their performance, quality, longevity, and vibrant aesthetic. It will preserve your investment and can even boost the property value of your home.

Our team has access to a wide inventory of sealants to ensure your pavers receive the right coating. There are countless sealant brands on the market to choose from.

There are two main categories of sealants:

  • Film-forming (gloss or semi-gloss finish)
  • Non-film-forming (matte finish)

Film-forming sealants offer a wet/clear finish. They create a physical barrier on the paver surface, providing long-lasting protection. Non-film-forming sealants fully penetrate the paver for optimal protection. Both options offer unique pros and cons depending on the material of the paver and the local climate.

Color World Painting of Sarasota & Bradenton: Your Professional Paver Sealing Solution!

We can inspect your property, discuss your budget, and determine the sealant to protect your pavers from dirt, mold, and fungi. Before sealing begins, our team will power wash the pavers to maximize adhesion and aesthetics. We use the right amount of water pressure to ensure cleanliness without causing damage. Our goal is to revitalize their coating quickly and efficiently.

You can trust our team to utilize industry-best tools, techniques, and technologies to deliver top-notch protection for your pavers. We will go above and beyond to offer our professional recommendation on the condition of your pavers and how to best proceed.

Want to learn more about our paver sealing services? Call (941) 667-4524 today!

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