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Enhance Your Property With Holiday Lighting

Before you know it, the holiday season will be in full swing. Decorating the interior of your home to reflect the season is a fun project the entire family can enjoy, but improving the exterior of your property is another story. Hanging lights or decorations on tall trees or along the perimeter of your home is a risky activity that requires skill and precision. At Color World Housepainting, we can prepare your home or business for the holidays with the following services.

Power Washing

Although you may be anxious to see your home illuminated with festive lights, you should walk around your property first and examine the condition of the paint, caulking, and brickwork. You can revive the appearance of your property and prepare your home for the next project with power washing. Power washing removes the layers of dirt, mildew, and grime from your home and walking surfaces.


Painting your home or business is an investment that protects the exterior walls, soffits, and windows for several years. Hanging off a ladder with a gallon of paint and a brush is not an enjoyable way to spend your weekends. Leave the high-altitude work for the professionals and spend your downtime with your family.

Holiday Lighting

After painting and power washing, you’re probably ready to see your house illuminated for the holidays. For people of all ages, a home beaming with bright lights is a welcome sight. You can rely on Color World Paintingto create an unforgettable light display on your property. Whether you want to highlight a few key areas or cover the trees and buildings with rows of lights, we can customize a plan that works for you.

We provide holiday lighting to businesses, residential properties, and homeowner’s associations. Contact us today by calling us at (614) 698-1125 or requesting an estimate.