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Choose the Right Painters To Transform Your House

With spring right around the corner, now is the time to start planning exterior home improvements. If these plans include giving your home a fresh new coat of paint, you will want ample time to choose the best company for the job. We know this decision is hard and you have many companies to choose from, so we would like to share some important factors to consider before choosing a professional.

Review the Painting Process

Residential painting companies may employ various procedures. Before you hire painters:

  1. Find out exactly what they do
  2. Make sure they pay meticulous attention to the trim as well as the siding
  3. Find out the steps they take to prepare the exterior for a new coat of paint.

At Color World Housepainting, we think the best results involve thorough preparation. We remove loose paint and wash all the exterior walls before applying the new color. Our painters also caulk the wood when necessary. These extra measures ensure your new paint job holds up in any weather.

Look for Value

We understand one of your main concerns involves cost. However, choosing the lowest bid does not always save money in the long run. Since your home's fresh look should last for many years, you need professional painters who do high-quality work using excellent materials that last.

Utilize Expertise

Because you want to enjoy your new paint job for a number of years, it's important to pick the right color. Even if you are ready for a change, perhaps you feel unsure about which shade will look best on your house. The right painting company has the knowledge and experience to guide your selection. Our painting specialists are happy to advise you and test the color by applying a swatch to determine if you like how it looks throughout the day.

If you are ready to freshen your house's exterior look, contact the professionals at Color World Housepainting by calling (614) 698-1125 or requesting an estimate online. We're happy to meet with you, answer your questions, and help plan your home's makeover.