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4 Reasons to Schedule Your Exterior Painting Job Now

Spring is right around the corner which means it’s about that time to get started on all your home improvement projects. As you begin to map out your thoughts, make sure to include painting the exterior of your home on that list. Here are four reasons why painting the exterior of your home now is both beneficial and important.

Perfect Temperatures

There is no better time of year to complete an exterior painting project than the spring. Not only will the professional you hire appreciate the mild temperatures, but the paint will too. In fact, latex paint is known to go on more cleanly and develop a more durable finish when applied in milder temperatures found in this time of year. If it’s too hot outside, the paint can dry too fast and not have the proper film formation, which can lead to the lifespan of your paint being greatly decreased.

Protect Your Investment

Inadequate exterior painting can be damaging to other aspects of your home which can lead to more expensive repair jobs. For example, the wood that makes up the structure of your home begins to rot when continuously exposed to the sun, wind or moisture. Not providing the proper coverage during the spring leads to more damage and costly repairs in the summer.

Protect Your Plants

Completing your exterior paint project now ensures that your plants can grow unencumbered. You can plant your garden and shrubbery without the fear of them being trampled or having to work around them.

First Impressions Matter

As great as your plans are to remodel the interior of your home, the first thing that visitors will notice is how the outside looks. An unattractive paint job leaves a bad first impression regardless of what may be on the inside.

Your exterior paint job plays an important role in your home, including helping to maintain its value. Now that spring is almost here, request an estimate online or call (614) 698-1125 to schedule an initial consultation today.