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Is It Past Time to Give Your Home a New Coat of Paint?

Keeping your home in excellent shape through repairs and maintenance is crucial if you want to keep its value high. A home that sports a fresh coat of paint helps make the house more inviting and appealing to look at. This, along with keeping your bathrooms and kitchen updated, plays a significant part in keeping the sale value of your home up. There are a few signs to watch for that indicate you might be due for a new paint job.

Fading Paint

Your home looked vibrant and turned heads when it was last painted, but how is it doing now? If you’ve noticed it seems a bit tired and worn, this might mean you should have it repainted. Fading paint happens, no matter what type of paint you use, so it’s something to watch for. As a tip, dark paint tends to fade more quickly so if you prefer less maintenance, choose a light paint color.

Signs of Wear

There are a few things to watch for here. If you see that your paint is bubbling, cracking, or starting to peel, one of two things is happening. The first is that your home wasn’t painted correctly to begin with. The second is that the weather has taken a toll on the paint and it should be reapplied. These problems can be signs of other issues, like mold and dry rot, so be cautious.

Time Has Passed

Maybe you haven’t seen any significant signs that the paint is failing, but it’s still been a while since you put up a new coat. As a rule of thumb, you should repaint the exterior every five to 10 years. Aluminum siding is at the five-year mark, while stucco might need repainting every six years. Wood surfaces can last up to around seven years without new paint.

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